All visa applicants who wish to apply for Indian Visa at the Embassy of India, Juba are required to undergo biometrics enrollment at the Embassy w.e.f. 12/12/2017.


Biometric data consists of 10 finger prints collected via a 4+4+2 scanner and photo captured by special facial cameras. As per the approved scheme, Biometrics traits (Fingerprints and facial) of the visa applicants (exempted persons of age below 08 years or above 70 years) will be captured at the time of submission of visa application.

Biometrics will be collected using a quick, discreet and non-intrusive process that captures a facial image with a digital camera and a 10-digit fingerprint scan with a digital finger scanner.

Your face must be clearly visible for a photograph to be taken. This means that you cannot:

1. Have hair that covers the eyes

2. Wear a hat or scarf or any other item that obscures the face, hair or neck (with the exception of religious head coverings detailed below:

If you wear a head or neck covering for religious reasons you must ensure your face is clearly visible, from the bottom of your chin to above your eyebrows including both cheeks. If possible both ears should also be displayed. You may also need to remove your glasses when the photograph is taken.

3. If you have cut or damaged your fingertips, you should try to apply for your visa once the injury has healed.

4. Henna/Mehndi on fingertips may also mean we are unable to get a clear scanned image; hence this should be removed or allowed to fade before you apply.

If you refuse to submit your biometrics and you are not subject to any exception according to Government of India regulation, your visa application will not be accepted.

Applicants who are under 08 years of age, and above 70 years of Age, persons incapable of providing consent, or those physically unable to provide a fingerprint scan, will only need to provide a facial photograph.


1. Once the application form is filled-up online, applicants, along with their duly filled in applications can visit the Embassy of India, Juba from 09.00am to 11.30am, on all working days, for enrolling biometrics and submit their applications.

2. Once biometrics enrollment is done, applicant will be exempted for 59 months from this process.

3. The Embassy of India, Juba, however, reserves the right to repeat biometric enrollment on case-to- case basis whenever required.

Frequently Asked Questions - Biometrics Enrolment

1. What is biometrics enrolment for Visa?

This is a simple and discreet procedure completed and submitted along with your application form.

2. Who has to submit biometrics?

All nationals, those are visiting India and who have not previously registered their biometric data with the Embassy of India, Juba, - in the past 5 years

3. I already enrolled my biometrics within the last 5 years – do I need to do it again?

Foreign nationals who are visiting India and have enrolled their biometric data within the last 5 years do not need to register again, however if the quality of the biometrics is insufficient applicants would need to return to the centre to resubmit their Biometric Data therefore it is best to recapture your biometric data upon submission. A proof of this would be the recent visa. Confirmation of this requirement would be given at Embassy Reception, while submitting the application.

4. Why must I give my biometrics as part of my application?

Providing biometrics helps to protect the identities of genuine applicants. It is easier for individuals to prove their identity and their travel status. It helps the Government of India to tackle immigration abuse and identity fraud just to name a few.

5. Where can I complete this procedure?

You will be able to enroll your biometric information at the Embassy of India, Juba while submitting your application.

6. What happens when I enroll my biometrics information?

Enrolling your biometric information is a quick and clean process. We use the photograph submitted to us on the application for a facial scan, capture the facial image and then you put your fingers on a glass screen to be scanned - there is no ink or mess. We are aware of the need to protect the dignity, privacy and modesty of applicants, and there will be special arrangements for applicants where needed.

7. How long does it take?

The biometric enrolment process takes up to 10 minutes. There may be a short wait while we check your data.

8. What happens if I refuse to give my biometrics?

If an applicant fails to make arrangements to provide their biometrics their application will not be accepted.

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